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Ford 6.7 – Powerstoke – 275 Amps


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Ford 6.7 Powerstroke Diesel, 250 Amps

PN: F-6.7-250

Max-Amp alternators are the premier alternator on the market.  They are designed for heavy-duty & commercial use and will provide maximum power under the most demanding conditions.  Whether your demands are for any of the conditions noted below, Max-Amp alternators will fill you needs.

  • High amperage (continuous or intermittent demand)
  • Extremely hot conditions (Death Valley hot)
  • High amperage whether idling or at road speed
  • High humidity, wet conditions, chemicals, etc.


This Max-Amp heavy-duty alternator offers superior performance & output over the stock Ford alternator, both at idle & at road speed.  Note on the chart below where the Max-Amp alternator vastly outperforms the amperage of the stock alternator.

                                        OEM Alternator                Max-Amp Alternator

Amps @ Idle                       70 amps                          160 amps

Amps @Road speed          105 amps                        275 amps

This alternator is designed to be an exact replacement to the OEM alternator for the Ford 6.7 Powerstroke diesel engine and will directly bolt-on with no modifications necessary.

A precision CNC 6061T6 aluminum pulley with a .002 hard anodized coating is installed on each alternator for maximum output and durability. This alternator comes with a full one-year warranty.


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